Online Breastfeeding Course

Course Name and Number: N720 Human Lactation 3 credit hours

Faculty Responsible for the Course:

Nancy Powers MD. Riordan Distinguished Professor, Wichita State University. 

Email Nancy Powers MD to find out how to register for the course. For information on Wichita State University and the School of Nursing visit the Wichita State University website.


Course Description

This on-line course is a university course taught entirely on the internet. The course is open to student who have two to three years of clinical experience with breastfeeding dyads and can be taken for 3 or 4 credit hours. Course addresses preparation for lactation consultant certification. Students work on case studies, participate in on-line discussions and take a final examination via the Internet.

This course uses Blackboard as the program software and content is updated every semester. Students have access to online articles in full text through the University library.


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